Hollywood Attraction 2015

*ing : Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, Naomie Harris, Forest Whitaker
Releasing: 24th July 2015

Dark Places
*ing: Charlize Theron, Christina Hendricks
Releasing: 7th August 2015

Black Mass
*ing: Johnny Depp, Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sienna Miller
Releasing: 18th Sept 2015

Pawn Sacrifice
*ing: Tobey Maguire, Liev Schreiber, Peter Sarsgaard
Releasing: 18th Sept 2015

The Martian
*ing: Matt Damon, Jeff Daniels, Kristen Wiig, Sean Bean
Releasing: 2nd October 2015

The Walk
*ing: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ben Kingsley, James Badge
Releasing: 2nd October 2015

*ing: Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund, Rooney Mara, Amanda Seyfried
Releasing: 9th October 2015

Steve Jobs
*ing: Michael Fassbender, Seth Rogen, Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels
Releasing: 9th October 2015

Bridge of Spies
*ing: Tom Hanks, Mark Rylance, Amy Ryan
Releasing: 16th October 2015

*ing: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Monica Bellucci, Ralph Fiennes
Releasing: 6th November 2015




PRISONERS….Watch Worthy.

Recently I saw english movie PRISONERS. What a movie. A superb emotional drama. Outstanding performances by Hugh Jackman and Jack Gyllenhaal. Nail biting suspense. A treat for Hugh Jackman’s fans. Must watch it.


A Superb WAAR

Yesterday, I watched Pakistani movie. I must say, a briliant piece of work by Bilal Lashari & his team. A superb action movie. one of its kind in history of Pakistani cinema. Picture quality, Sound effects, Cinematography, Editing, Soundtrack and background music, all are at their best. Movie was good with little need of imprivement. Weak story line with little loop poles. 1 more thing this movie would have been more hit and popular if it was in Urdu . But again I must say that a great effort and should be appreciated. A must watch movie for all movie lovers.



WOW…What A Superb Movie…

This Saturday afternoon, I watched ICE AGE 4, CONTINENTAL DRIFT at Atrium Mall. OHhhhhhh What a superb experience I had there… A memorable event with my friend.. I realy love this ICE AGE franchise.. I must recommend all of you to watch it.. A pure fun packed family movie… Go for it..


Glamour & Glamour All Around….. :-(

When ever I turn on my TV and switch to any entertainment channel, I just  turned off my TV set or changed channel to any movie channel because Pakistani dramas these days just full of glamour, nothing deal with real life stories, mostly stories are drawing-room stories, related to elite classes or families we don’t familiar, even they focusing on any social issue, they manage to glamorize the whole story to attract general viewers. Even now Pakistani tv channels, promoting vulgarity in dramas, talking about extra marital relationships is not a big thing. I just wonder what our channels showing to our viewers especially to our younger generation. Even dialogues of our comedy dramas are also so vulgar. I don’t know what they trying to portray? Why they don’t show real issues of our society, can’t we make dramas other than Saas bahu, Feudal lords, problems in foreign countries living families, love triangles, extra marital affairs topics??? I really miss old golden era of PTV dramas, but unfortunately they also changed their trend.