Saeen Ka Visit…. :-(

After reading these news, I just wonder our leaders just forget the reality one day they have to die. How will they justify their cruel acts in front of Allah. May Allah curse upon them. Ameen.




Ghareeb e Shehar Ka Bachaa. :-(

I just don’t have words to show my feelings after reading and watching news about drought in Tharparker. How cruel and heartless are our govt. officials. On one hand people wasting their food, feeding best things to their pets and on other hand innocent kids just dying because of hunger. Allah will never forgive us. We all responsible for this cruelty. Tons of wheat getting expired in govt. go-downs but cruel govt officials didn’t let it deliver to poor people. more than 100 innocent children died and no one has courage to accept the responsibility. May Allah curse upon these culprits. Ameen


Horrifying Truth…. :-(

After reading following article, I just horrified, simply our concern authorities don’t have any idea, what could happen,if there is some natural disaster or human fault. As per our past experiences, our govt so incompetent in disaster management. I totally agree with writer’s this statement that “choosing to put faith in God rather than precautions, is in the national character. ” May Allah help us.

Our efficent govt.

After reading news about disaster and death toll due to floods in KP, I just realized that our govt. now failed to do any constructive work regarding poor people, poor management and lack of planning. That’s why now poor people suffering and dying. May Allah help those poor people. Ameen