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:-(….دل نے سرکار خود کشی کرلی

Another great article by Wusatullah Khan.


Greenwashed…. :-)

I am so happy after tremendous victory of Pakistan against England. We have beaten World’s No. 1 Cricket team in such a humiliating way.  We have changed the world cricket history of 105 years.

I just want to share the abstract from an article of David Hopps from CricInfo site about yesterday clean sweep. Following statement made me smile and proud of our cricket team.

“An extraordinary achievement for a side with no home to call its own, a side that lives out of a suitcase and does it rather well. Along with the socks and the toothpaste they certainly unpacked quite a shock for the No. 1 ranked side.”

Pictures courtesy by Express Tribune.


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Pak Islami Pakistan

A very true picture of our corrupt society.


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A Real HERO…

As, Pakistani nation, we have become accustomed to bad news. But to hear some good news after many days found. Hassan Sadpara is real Hero for Pakistani Nation. A ray of hope in the darkness.