Bazecha e Atfaal II

Children in Gaza are playing at debris of their homes destroyed by Israeli Terrorism.

Do We Need Enemies?

I am damn sure that after reading news from Pakistan, the guy behind that insulting movie against Islam and Rasool Allah (s.a.w.w) laughing on us. What a superb way to protest against blasphemy act of western world against our beloved Hazrat Muhammed (s.a.w.w). We are destroying our own things, killing out own people. Bravo man to show our anger and hate we slapping out own face.. what a nation. After reading all these following depressing news and watching TV, I just realized that to destroy our country, “DO WE NEED ANY BIG ENEMY? AHHH NO I DON’T THINK SO…  😦

Mera Dard Naghma e Besada Part II

I just added comments of some readers for this article.  As I am totally agree with them.

“I just wonder till when will they be left to suffer alone!! it just infuriates me the way the media and the political parties ignore parachinar!!”

Like Balochistan , Parachinar is also being ignored by the authorities and Taliban have been given a free hand. Have we handed over PARACHINAR to taliban on a silver platter???? or is PARACHINAR not a part of PAKISTAN????

Natural Disaster or Genocide

I have read and watched about this so many times. But after watching news regarding recent earthquake in japan 8.9 magnitude, I belive more in this theory. A systematic and civilized genocide by USA to achieve its evil objectives.