We are followers of Mazloome Karbala..

Being a human being I felt so much greive and anger for today incident and loss of precious lives of people..But I must say..that we shias are followers of Mazloome Karbala (a.s), we are not suppose to give pain or make any one ‘s life miserable who is irrelevant. We must be carefull and not a piece of cake for those people who realy trying to destroy us.. We must control anger and show it in proper way in right direction. We are thankful to Pakistan Ranger’s soldier who sacrificed his life.. I must admit..all people are not same..my so man sunni colleagues called me whole day for my safety..they just worried about me..so we must appriciate it.. we must recognize our real enemy..We should not being part of any destruction which caused damage to our peacefull status..we are belivers and followers of Mazloom e Karbala (A.S), we will never be the part of cruelty.. May Allah help us all..and make this city and country peacefull. Ameen..


Tum kis kis ko maru ge..yeh sari qoum HUSSAINI hea..

We want to tell all those so called Islamic godfathers taliban basicaly followers of yazeed (lanat ullah alehim) that we are the followers of Imam Hussain (a.s) and we never afraid of death. you never win this bettle. you can not stop us or suppress us for stop Azadari e Mazloom e Karbala (a.s) because Azadari e Syed ul Shodah (a.s) hamari shehrag e hayat hea..or Shahadat hamara virsa hea.. You have been trying from last 1300 years to demolish this thing..remove the stains of blood..but all in veins..