Sacha MUSALMAAN ?????

A very good and thought provoking article.



Nothing Personal :-(

After reading following news yesterday, I realized and strongly belive now that in Pakistan you don’t need to have any personal reason to kill someone. In the name of religion, you can kill anyone and can justify your crime so easily. Actually its nothing personal.  😦

Stop Killing Shia..Not

PTA banned Shia watchdog website just because they give awareness to suppressed people about culprits, about killers about those people whom behind killing of innocent people. I just wonder why they don’t do any thing to stop these killings, why they don’t take action against these so called GODFATHERS of Islam…They only thing they can do is to suppress innocent victims. May Allah curse upon them…

Yeh ZULM Hai…… :-| Part IV

I just watched TV, reading news. I keep wondering that what is going on in this country? Are these all innocent people being punished because their particular Shia Sect. Where is government, where are law enforcement agencies, are they only for protecting corrupt politicians? Or are these all incidents and government’s lack of interest shows that it’s all happening purposefully. They want to push us against the wall.

Mera Dard Naghma e Besada Part II

I just added comments of some readers for this article.  As I am totally agree with them.

“I just wonder till when will they be left to suffer alone!! it just infuriates me the way the media and the political parties ignore parachinar!!”

Like Balochistan , Parachinar is also being ignored by the authorities and Taliban have been given a free hand. Have we handed over PARACHINAR to taliban on a silver platter???? or is PARACHINAR not a part of PAKISTAN????