Farewell Kiss for President Bush

I think it is a very little act of hate for this evil preson..there are much hate and anger against him. BUt I am so happy. but its sad that that brave guy missed his target..beter luck next time.. next time guy should use more heavy thing than a shoe.


Govt. of Pakistan, Geo tv and recent Mumbai Attacks

I realy dont understand, why our govt act like cowards? they threat us..they blaming us wrong, they violate our air space..but we still humble..still arresting our people.accepting our sins which are never done by us.. GOD give sense to our leaders.. they voilate our air space..our information minister said ..no no they did it by mistake..  now they total deny this..

and our so called independant tv channel.. geo tv..day before they telecast report that Ajmal Qasab is Pakistani.. I dont know who paid them..or who finance them to run this bull shit.. I must say they are not geo tv they are JEW tv..they are not in favor of Pakistan but they helping India to force war on Pakistan.. GOD knows what will happen to this country..