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Fresh Cake with 100 Ants :-(

My friend today bought fresh cream Pineapple cake from famous Bakery La Farine ‘s Sharfabad outlet and what she got when she cut the cake in pieces at home. This is so bad and shameful that how unhygienic products of famous food outlets. ūüė¶

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I just copied following lines from Facebook status of my friend. I found it very heart touching.
15 June:- I get attached with mom.
17 June:- I m a tissue now.
30 June:- Mom said to dad, ‘u r going to be a father’.
MOM-DAD are very happy
15 July: My food is what my mom eats.
15 Sept: I can feel my heart beat.
14 Oct: I have little hands,legs, head n a stomach.
13 Nov: Today i wasscan ultrascan.
I am a girl…
14 Nov : I was DEAD..!
My mom n dad killed me..
Is it just becoz i was girl..?
People love to have a
MOTHER, A WIFE, n ofcorse

The 4th one :(

Today I lost my 4th ATM card. Today after noon when I went to bank for withdraw the cash, I realized that I don’t¬†have my atm card in my wallet, I really¬†don’t know where I lost it. should I do, its 4th one ūüė¶ 1st one was lost in public place,2nd was corrupted, 3rd one snatched with my cell phone and now its 4th one.. May Allah help me.. any way …INNAH LILLAH E WA INNAH ELAHE RAJEUN..

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Friday May 7, 2004 @ 1:15pm

May 7, 2004 was a horrible and the most memorable day in my life. Memorable in both good and bad ways. That day, at 1:15 pm, a suicide bomber rocked the crowded Masjide¬†Haidery, where I was offering Jumma¬†prayers. I could not forget the horrible moments, my physical pain and mental torture for my whole family but I also can’t¬†forget the love and care which has been given by so many people, specially¬†my friends, my colleagues even strangers. I can’t¬†pay back them against their love and care and last but not least my biggest desire of life to say thanks and do something for that stranger who took my contact number and informed my family in that crucial time. I owe¬†all those people ¬†my greatest¬†feelings of gratitude and my prayers with him. according to my office colleague, I got a new life on that day, so I am supposed to¬†celebrate my birthday twice a year. So, today is my 6th birthday.

An inner view of mosque after the blast.
An inner view of mosque after the blast.