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Rs. 3 Ka Khana…..

I just wanna say JAZAK ALLAH to this woman after watching this video. I think those people who have more than enough money for their luxuries should follow her footsteps.


Video Courtesy by BBC


Hame Marna Nahi Chayee…

Another good article by Jawed Chaudry.



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Not Without My MOTHER..

The horrifying side of cruelty of our society and our corrupt and the worst judicial system of our homelandPakistan. A very good article, I want to share with you all on so called MOTHER’S DAY.


Courtesy by Dawn News.

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Wajood e Zan Se Hea…..

A very good article to share with you all.. It shows  true picture of our hypocrite society. cruelty of our man dominated society. I must say Only a pure ISLAMIC society is only solution of our all problems.



I wish we had few like these…

After reading this news, I just wonder that is there any rich guy here in Pakistan like them, any .. and answer is NO…….  We are so-called muslims, we have no  sincerity to our country and our poor people, our richest guys just wanna earn money and spend it on their luxuries..