A very sensitive person, who perceives things and situations in different manner.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Salam un Alaik… actualy Miss, I am an amature writer, write blogs for my own satisfaction, so No Hiring for writer . other wise if you wana publish your posts at my blog, more than welcome… but no hiring..

  2. Can you please give me your email address, so that I can email you my articles. Also, do you have any specific limitation on what topics you will accept posts on and how they should be written.

  3. Look, Miss, I am a patriotic Pakistani and religous person, so these 2 are my only limitations, I cant stand some one who say something wrong about Islam or Pakistan. my email address is sshahriz@live.com

  4. and please breifly intouduce yourself in your email, its good for our future relationship as bloger..

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