Khoon Phir Khoon Hea…..

Dedicated to All Innocent Victims of Terrorism in the name of religion.



Stop Killing Shia..Not

PTA banned Shia watchdog website just because they give awareness to suppressed people about culprits, about killers about those people whom behind killing of innocent people. I just wonder why they don’t do any thing to stop these killings, why they don’t take action against these so called GODFATHERS of Islam…They only thing they can do is to suppress innocent victims. May Allah curse upon them…

WOW…What A Superb Movie…

This Saturday afternoon, I watched ICE AGE 4, CONTINENTAL DRIFT at Atrium Mall. OHhhhhhh What a superb experience I had there… A memorable event with my friend.. I realy love this ICE AGE franchise.. I must recommend all of you to watch it.. A pure fun packed family movie… Go for it..