Mea Bhola Hun, Magar….

A good thought provoking article by Nusrat Jawed.



3 Replies to “Mea Bhola Hun, Magar….”

  1. I wasn’t sure where best to contact you back, so it’s going here.
    Thanks so much for reading some of my work! I’m glad you enjoyed them, and hope you continue to(:
    How’d you happen across White Apple anyway, just out of curiosity?
    I’ll keep poking around your blog here, try and get my bearings for what you do (unless you’d like to tell me a bit about yourself directly?).
    Anyway, thanks again and have a lovely day!

  2. Thank you so much, to visit my blog, I found your blog just visiting blogs randomly if I remember from blog of mr. Mesiyah. By profession, I am a software professional, blogging is my way to express my feelings. Book reading is one of my hobbies. you can directly contact me to I appreciate if you tell me about yourself too..

    Looking forward for your new piece of writings.


    P.S : My real name is Shahid Hussain.

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