Saving Face of Pakistan

I am damn sure that following news of winning First Oscar of Pakistan, made all Pakistanis so proud and happy.. Very well done Mrs. Sharmeen. We all proud of you.. Keep it up..






Mera Dard Naghma e Besada Part II

I just added comments of some readers for this article.  As I am totally agree with them.

“I just wonder till when will they be left to suffer alone!! it just infuriates me the way the media and the political parties ignore parachinar!!”

Like Balochistan , Parachinar is also being ignored by the authorities and Taliban have been given a free hand. Have we handed over PARACHINAR to taliban on a silver platter???? or is PARACHINAR not a part of PAKISTAN????

Yeh ZULM Hai…… :-| Part III

Another act of barbarianism by so-called godfathers of Islam. They are brutal butchers, they have no right to be called as human being. They are worse than animals. They kill innocent people just for their own benefits  and pretend it as they are doing it for Islam. Bloody generation of yazeed. May Allah curse upon them. Ameen