Happy Birthday…Baba

On Eve of 25th December, I just want to say to the soul of Quaid e Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah that Baba, we are ashamed that after 11th September, 1948, we lost our unity, we lost our dignity, people around the world recognized us as terrorists, culprits and incompetent. Baba, you freed this homeland for justice, equailty and peace for a united nation, but now we are sindhi, balochi, punjabi, saraiki, mohajir etc but not Pakistani. We are not even united as Muslim, we are divided into shia, sunni, barelvi, deobandi etc. We love to point out to others fault, others corruption but we don’t even bother to correct ourselves. We have been waiting for last 65 years for Angels to come from heaven and solve our problems. We used to clap for every new government and abuse after its departure. In long period of 65 years, we still trying to develop our train system, we still facing worst energy crisis, poor people selling their kids, people killing others in the name of Allah, The killers and Victims, both don’t know why they kill and why they have been killed. At the time of partition, people’s solgan was PAKISTAN ZINDABAD and nowadays they are shouting PAKISTAN SE ZINDA BAAG.. I am really sorry, I make you sad on your birthday, but its my feelings about current situation of our homeland for which you fought. Anyway, BABA, I love you and Miss you.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABA..



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