Current affair

Marna Maqsad Tehraa…. :-(

What should I say about these 2 diffrent news with 1 result.¬† ūüė¶


Current affair, Religon

I Condemn

I strongly condemn and feel a real pain in my heart on this barbaric act of Yazidi terrorists of Lashkar e Jhangvi..


Current affair

Aur Bhejein……?

A great and true analysis of current law & order situation in Karachi and our govt. reaction.

Current affair

Hum Kidhar Ko Ja Rahe Hen…..? :-(

 After reading continuous news, breaking news and articles, sooner I will become insane. I really depressed in these days, what are happening to us, Terrorists abduct and killing innocent people openly and no one in our so called Law Enforcement agencies to stop them. This is the worst era of history of violence inKarachi. The level of insecurity is increased in common people. No one is safe here, even not in public transport. I just failed to understand that where are we going? Ohh Allah, Please forgive our sins if its because of our sins, Please do mercy upon us and destroy all terrorists and save innocent peoples. Ameen

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