Murderers in Uniform

I just shocked and my level of hope for betterment in this country become more lower. This is the 3rd incident of same kind in recent 1 year. 1st one, last year when Uniform Murderers (rangers) killed innocent protesters of funeral at Liaquatabad signal,2nd Karotabad, Balochistan and third one is last day incident when so-called our defenders opened fire upon an unarmed boy in Karachi. Everyone condemning that authorities are trying to save the culprits, but I know 1 thing for sure that nothing will happen. There is no system of justice in this country. this case will become sooner same like incident of Killing of 2 innocent brothers in Sialkot last year. My sympathy with family of victim because they never get justice. No HOpe.  😦  May Allah Mercy on us and Curse upon all cruel people in our law enforcement agencies. Ameen.


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