Double Standard of ICC

This is called real Double Standard. In 2009, when Sri Lankan team was attacked in Pakistan (purely conspired by Indian Raw). ICC just took away the right of our World cup hosting chance, and no one supported us. And I just felt so sad after reading the statement of ICC chief about Bangladeshi incident. Actually it is as per expectation. But I want to say that it is a real hypocrisy, double standards of ICC.


5 Replies to “Double Standard of ICC”

  1. As a Bangladeshi, I’m sorry for what happened here. This should not have happened.

    But the “intentions” are very much different for what happened in 2009! It’s kind of weird to see, people compare this two.

    I’m glad Mr Lorgat did understand.

  2. Yea Intention of Indian Raw.. They Planned that incident perfectly and They were successful in their plan.

  3. There is a Significant difference between a bus being stoned and players getting physically assaulted. As for Indian Raw, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that accusation, it is completely baseless.

    Secondly, I can understand you being mad about the WC being taken away from Pakistan but I don’t understand that you rallying for the ICC to take away the tournament (which has already started) from Bangladesh. I don’t like that this is try but there was a global consensus that it was not safe enough in Pakistan. That is completely different from a few pissed off fans showing anger at their team.

  4. @mr. Karan and @Anonymous I just want to ask simple question. What would have Mr. Logart’s statement, if it had happened in Pakistan? Would it be same? I dont think so…

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