Why not Pubs or Cinema or Brothel Houses..

I just wonder, when ever I read news about suicide bombings and blasts at Mosques, Imambargahs, Majalis and religious processions etc, and acceptance of responsibility by so-called Islamic GODFATHERS, talibans. Why they didn’t ever targeted apparently bad areas such as Pubs, Disco clubs, message club,Cinemas, brothels  etc, why they always hit religious areas? I hope any one can answer me. ANYONE !!!



One Reply to “Why not Pubs or Cinema or Brothel Houses..”

  1. answer is very simple. ppl backing the suicide bombings r not muslims, and their sole purpose is to not let the ppl get together on some religious affair. if you read Quran carefully, you will come to know that jews/christians are jealous to muslims because they have lost their value before Allah, and Allah has appointed muslims as His people on earth. They are not killing innocent people, but killing muslims in a way that muslims get dis-unite and get scatter so that the ruling class (not the pakistan’s ruling class but world’s ruling class) may be able to achieve what it want. In simple words, pakistan is only muslim country which can dare to fight with jews/hindus/christians coz of having nuclear power. and if we get disunited, even our nuclear program won’t b able to help us.

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