I wish we had few like these…

After reading this news, I just wonder that is there any rich guy here in Pakistan like them, any .. and answer is NO…….  We are so-called muslims, we have no  sincerity to our country and our poor people, our richest guys just wanna earn money and spend it on their luxuries..



Learn from Neighbours

Even, India is our rival and as so-called patriotic, we hate them so much (to show off) but, I think we as nation and specially our govt. officials should learn good things from them. I strongly appreciate this act from there regulatory authorities, as our media destroying young minds completely. We should appreciate it, even their media also criticize it, but its a good step. Its thought-provoking for our govt and also our nation, who just follow trends and our media who just concern about their viewership and money, nothing except it.


Current affair, Religon

Corruption all around Part 2

After reading this news, I am damn sure about this thing that corrupt politicians and ministers of our country can do anything for money. Their true religion and belive is only MONEY. For money they can do anything. May Allah’s curse on these people. Ameen. Do they forget about the day of judgement or are they immortal, will they live forever? 😦


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Why not Pubs or Cinema or Brothel Houses..

I just wonder, when ever I read news about suicide bombings and blasts at Mosques, Imambargahs, Majalis and religious processions etc, and acceptance of responsibility by so-called Islamic GODFATHERS, talibans. Why they didn’t ever targeted apparently bad areas such as Pubs, Disco clubs, message club,Cinemas, brothels  etc, why they always hit religious areas? I hope any one can answer me. ANYONE !!!


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WOW, What a efficency?

After reading this news, I just laughed and felt sorry for poor people of my homeland, What a corrupt police and judiciary we have here in our Pakistan. May Allah help us. Ameen


2 & Half year old Criminal with his father.
Current affair

Corruption all around

After reading this news, I just wonder, why Public blames and criticize only govt for corruption, we as individuals also corrupt and selfish, we just think about our profit, for our self we can ruin any ones life, May Allah mercy us all.