Yeh Khone Khak Nashenaan.

I just feel to cry on current situation of My City KARACHI. I just wonder who behind these incidents, who responsible for this bloodshed, was it provoked by sudden incidents or PREPLANNED killings. I just wanna ask to Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza, what is he doing now besides giving statements and banning pillion riding to suffer poor public. Is there any law enforcing agencies around there? Where were they when Terrorists executing their deadly plan calmly? It means that was backed by Agencies. May Allah curse them all. Ameen.


2 Replies to “Yeh Khone Khak Nashenaan.”

  1. Weren’t we the one who brought these ‘Parliamentarians’ into power. What is the use of them if they can’t even Protect us.

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