Were they on Jihaad

I realy dont know what real character of Pakistan rangers last day incident. They open straight fires un provokely on peacefull procession. How can they fire straight to protesters, 1 more thing..they made statement that protesters opened fired on them..but how can no one of rangers jawan not even injurred..It shows that last day incident was preplaned against a particular sect. They were entering into our residential area, chanting slogans of Allah o Akber, like that they were on Jihaad… We strongly condemn and ask for fair investigation of this sad incident.



Strongly Condemn

I strongly feel sadness and strongly condemn the current situation of Karachi, regarding target killing of a particular sect and even Law enforcement agencies are also against them rather to protect them they are also killing them. I must say there are some hidden hands and other agencies, factors who tried and partially successful to ignite people emotions. They want to create law and order situation in city, by creating these type of incidents. May Allah protect all innocent human beings and destroy all enemies of Islam and our homeland. Ameen