Muje Insaan Hone Per Sharmindagi Hea…

After reading the news of 15th August, Sialkot incident, I just terrified and feel ashamed my self, we have no right to call ourselves human beings. I totaly agree with Jawed Chaudry article. May Allah mercy us. Ameen


Zara Nam Ho Yeh Mitti..

Students Collecting Funds for FLOOD VICTIMS IN KARACHI.

Periodic Muslims

As the Holy Month of Ramadan Mubarak has started, as biological muslims, we started our new routines on periodic basis. We offer 5 time prayers on time, reciting Quran, charity works, Even number of namazis in Fajar Prayers increased, but only for 29-30 days. As soon as moon of Eid ul Fitar appeared, we will forget everything, even surprisingly number of namazis in Fajar prayers on Eid day decreased. May Allah give us guidance,will and strength to fulfil all our duties as true Muslim.