Hum marna nahi chatey….

A very good article by Jawed Chaudry.


Our efficent govt.

After reading news about disaster and death toll due to floods in KP, I just realized that our govt. now failed to do any constructive work regarding poor people, poor management and lack of planning. That’s why now poor people suffering and dying. May Allah help those poor people. Ameen

Man Suppose, GOD dispose

After reading these sad stories about tragic event of Pakistani air travel history, my belive on instability and unpredictability of human life more strong now. Man makes plans, strategies not even know what will happen very next second of his life. You don’t know how long you have left to live. I just become very sad after reading these sad stories, specially demise of innocent cute children. We can’t say anything but INNA LILLAH E WA INNAH ELAHE RAJEUN.


Relatives comforts a man as he mourns the death of his relatives.–AFP Photo
A woman is comforted as she grieves her father's death.–Reuters Photo
A man peers through the window of an ambulance transporting bodies of victims.–Reuters Photo
A man mourns the death of his relatives.–Reuters Photo
Volunteers shift remains of victims.–AFP Photo
A woman cries at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital as she mourns a victim.–AP Photo
Rescue workers search for survivors in the wreckage of a crashed passenger plane.–AFP Photo