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Please Sir Help Me..

A very true picture portrayed by Jawed Chaudry.

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Target Killing again….

Like other cities of Pakistan, Karachi now days under attack by so-called jihadis and islamic god fathers, siphae yazeed (aka Sipahe Sahaba). They targeting innocent people and justify their brutality in the name of Islam. They are just butchers and an enigma on the face of Islam.  They are terrorists and just target a particular sect. (Ahle Tashiuah). Even every single human being’s life is so important but sadly they targeting specially our doctors, lawyers, engineers and students. whom always are valuable to any nation. May Allah destroy them completely. Ameen.

Current affair, Religon

ahmedion ka masla

Even though I don’t agree with writer in some regards, but mr. Abbas Athar delivered a good series of 4 articles after a long time.

Current affair

Well Done Maulana

I must say that the most successful and best politician of modern time of Pakistan is Maulana Fazlul Rehman. Finlay Maulana successful in black mailing to Govt and govt increased their rates.. well done Maulana..I always impressed by your politics. you are true politician.. You have skills to make people and govt fool in the name of Islam. well done

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A bad joke

After reading this news, I realize that judiciary system of sub continent is same on both sides of borders. Poor people waited for their whole life for justice and at the end they get this type of things in the name of justice. I really feel sorry for victims of Bhopal gas incident.