Conspiracy or Discrimination?

Some time people shows their biasness in very un realistic manner. Some people at my office thinks that Iran actually playing major supportive role for USA and the threatening USA and Israel is just iran’s drama. The stupid logic behind this thinking that USA still havent attack Iran. What a great logic..I must salute them.. In fact these people think that only Talibans and Al-qaeda are real muslims and real jihadis and other than them all organizations are zionist agents. I just wana say them.for suppose If we agree with you then you are supposed to apply these type of conspiracy  theories on other organizations like Al-Qaeda and Taliban..I have some suspicious questions about Al-qaeda and Taliban also..I wish some one can answer me.

1. It is confirmed now that 9/11 incident is pre planned game of Zionists, but why Osama bin laden accept the responsibility of that he part of Zionist lobby?

2. Why Al-qaeda time to time threat USA to do attacks same like 9/11?

3. Why Al-qaeda makes statements to provoke US to attack Afghanistan?

4. Why Taliban leaves kabul before US invasion..did they know

5. Why Al-qaeda releases video about threatening usa when ever us tries to attack some place or some country?

6. doesn’t it look like that Al-Qaeda and Taliban help usa to attack innocent civilians, they give reason to usa for attacking muslim countries by threatening them.

7. wasnt that Al-qaeda whom american CIA trained to fight against Russia, is there any evidence that they don’t have any link to CIA now?

8. Maulana Asim mentioned in his book “Dajjal and Bermuda Triangle” that Hizbullah is also Israeli agent. I just want to ask maulana sahab, do you really know the true back ground of Hizbullah, their struggle and their sacrifices or you just write it by your show your hatred against a particular sect? He mentions Lion sign on Iran flag as a symbol of Dajjal, I want to tell maulana sahab that flag is too old and was used when its monarchy in Iran,now current flag of Iran is total different, well it shows how updated Maulana sahab is?

9. Is Osama bin Laden realy a person exists or just a myth?

One more thing what is the reason behind this taught that Iran against arab countries?

At the end I just wanna request to my brothers, either you analyze Iran and Hizbullah impartial or apply conspiracy  theories to all Jihadis organizations. But don’t try to camouflage your biasness against a particular sect with conspiracy  theory.


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