They are back…

The so-called jihadis and GODFATHERS of Islam are back to killed innocent people in the name of religion. They are just terrorists and supported by our agencies and american agencies who want always these type of dirty games against Shiite. 2 continous Bomb blasts taken so many lives of innocent people. They damn care about it.. They just do it for US dollars. Dirty Taliban and Jihadis..



After a long time, I saw a great horror english movie “TRIANGLE”, full of suspense. A really great movie with gripping story with lot of twists. I must say it’s highly recommended movie for Horror movie lovers.

Its FUN time…. ;)

On Wednesday eve, I watched english movie Percy Jackson and the lightning thief at cinema with my 2 office colleagues. It was not so good movie but it was a cool fantasy funny movie to enjoy. not make any sense but good to enjoy. We enjoyed it though there was very few audience at cinema. But we really enjoyed it.