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They are back…

The so-called jihadis and GODFATHERS of Islam are back to killed innocent people in the name of religion. They are just terrorists and supported by our agencies and american agencies who want always these type of dirty games against Shiite. 2 continous Bomb blasts taken so many lives of innocent people. They damn care about it.. They just do it for US dollars. Dirty Taliban and Jihadis..

Current affair

Yeh aap ka bacha nahi….

A very realistic approch of Jawed Cahudry in this following article.

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Naukaron ki zabaan

Unfortunately, we Pakistanis have inferiority complex and we are mentally slaves of our British masters. We still feel shame to talk in our own language Urdu and we usually speak english wrong to make a good impression on others. We are impossible as nation. May Allah help us.. I want to share a very good article by Jawed Chaudry.