What was their fault?

I just feel frustrated when I heard the news of cancellation of Matric exam on Saturday. I just don’t understand what will happen to our education system, especially the system in Karachi. The whole system is corrupt and they don’t want to accept the responsibility and only students suffer who really try hard to pass exams. I wonder, they don’t have any proper security system to prevent leaking papers and to provide alternative papers.



Celebrating EARTH HOUR…

People protesting against long hours load shading in Rawla Kot..

A silent message for all

Today I received a sms from my friend..and I just want to share it with all of you..

An american went back to USA from Pakistan, his Pakistani friend asked him: ” How did you find my country Pakistan? He said “Oh.its a great country, having so many natural resources.” Pakistani asked “what about Pakistanis?” American said “who Pakistanis? I didnt meet any Pakistani there. Pakistani “what a rubbish? American said “in Kashmir, I met kashmiri, in Lahore I met lahori,further I met sindhi, balochi, pathan, sunni shia, mohajir.. but there was no Pakistani..”

People’s POWER

I am really happy to read this news, it is a very good sign that our public start realizing their power. Now they start fighting for their rights and they will destroy everything and everyone who try to exploit their needs. All Pakistanis should follow what citizen of Islamabad did today. I salute them. now public waking up and no one can suppress them. It is also alarming incident for those guys in power who think common person is idiot and he can’t fight for his right. This incident reminds me the poem of Faiz Ahmed Faiz..I hope it will happen soon.. insha Allah

Her ak Ulil amar ko sada du

Key apni farde amal sambal le

Yahen se uthe ga shore mehsar

Yahen pe roze hisaab hoga