Sada rahe ga Hussain(a.s) ka Gham

I just returned from the Centeral procession of Chehalum e Shohdae Karbala and I just want to say to all those guys who against Azadar e Imam Hussain, Jaloos and matam and specialy all yazidi agents that it is proved once again today that You can not stop us from Azadari by the fear of death, because it is in our blood and its our objective of life. Even though security risks and after 2 deadly bomb blasts in city that claimed innocent lives, extra ordinary number of people reached in Juloos.. May Bibi (s.a) give reward all of you for this.. We born for Azadari, we did ,we  are doing and We will do Azadari e Syedul Shoda (a.s) till last breath.insha Allah..May Allah give complete health to all those who got injuries in blasts..Elahi Ameen..

I also feel grieved after the read news about Karbala pilgrims. dirty followers of yazeed (l.a) everywhere in the world trying to suppress us and want to stop us but they just living in paradise of fools. their ancisters demolished and wiped out from the surface of earth in way to destroyed us and we still exist. and will exisit insha Allah..




2 Replies to “Sada rahe ga Hussain(a.s) ka Gham”

  1. dushmanan-e-ahlebait pr laanat beshuammmmmmmmaaaaarrrrr……
    n MATAM-E-HUSSAIN will be remembered till the last judgment day…INSHALLAH……

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