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Another Yazidi act

Yazidi terrorists repeat their act again.They come with new planning every time to scared us. They are just fools..They dont get any lesson from past. We want to tell them, its our history, we always sacrifice our lives, our children our precious belongings on the way to pilgramage to last 1400 years people demolished and wiped out from the page of earth, but they cant stop us to goin for zyaraat of Mazloome Karbala.. I also want to mention other thing that after the real story came out of Aashura incident in Karachi, we cant say anything with confirmation who was behind this act of terrorisam..I pray ..May Allah protect all Azadaars all over the world..Elahi Ameen..

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WOW…We are heroes everyplace ;)

This particular news made my day..I just jumping with joy, it is confirmed now that. We PAKISTANIS are heroes even in the eyes of indians. 🙂


Sharam tum ko magar….

First of all I want to congratulate all U19 pakistani cricket team for winning quarter final against India and secondly I just wish that Our national cricket team just learned something from their juniors.

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Azaadi ya Barbadi…

I am totaly agree with point of view of author of following article. It is planning of so call women human rights orgnaiztions, whom basic objectives are to disturb and destroy the family life and social,religous and moral values of our society in the name of Azaadi e Niswan (Feminism). We should beware of our real enemies and what their real objectives. may Allah help us.

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No right to call human being…

After reading this news, I strongly condemn all those rich people who think that they can do any thing by power of money. All these types of people have no right to call themselves human being, they are animals even worse than animals..

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Last night, I watched a documentary, a real eye opener which is real though provoking for those persons who consider and evaluate things and events in different manner not in casual way. After watching Shadows and The Arrival series, I found this documentary realy knowledgable and helpful to understand the dirty games of secret societies, the elite societies which control world economy, politics,media, health etc. They are preparing,planning and finally playing the end game to establish a global government, for global dominance and last but not least for GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT..

This documentary is wrriten and directed by Alexander Emerick Jones is an American talk radio host and filmmaker. You can download this documentary by searchin it “Endgame by Alex jones” on torrents websites.

Link for download:

Trailer on youtube:

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We all are responsble…..

After reading this horrific news some days earlier, I felt so much grief and sadness. I am totally agree with Mr. Jawed Chaudry of Daily express, that we as whole nation, we always shift blames to govt even for those things, which can we do by ourselves.. May Allah help us..