Another Curse of Allah….

I just feel shocked and worried now after reading this news..What will happen to us..We were just relaxed that Swine flu is problem of western world..but unfortunately its our stupidaty..and now it reaches to our country even in our city.. I think every one should follow precautions..and alos take serious small diseases like cold and coug..


3 Replies to “Another Curse of Allah….”

  1. its fukn shits of western jews worlds & hindus who are making all the bombings , they want blochistan oils & gas reserves , we muslims must kill all these western jews germs if we want to save pak .911 was done by jews iran nukes are irreverseable thats another cause of pak destructions , all these bombings in fact are done by these western forces , first we must kill all their stoogs like zardari kayani nawaz parvez gilani etc then fight a good war with nukes with india , get the fu–out of hindus once for all iran should get the hell out of jews too .
    we must get serious other wise good bye islam . from karbala we have learned these lessons ,but for punjabi money is every thing even punjabi can fu–their mothers sisters for for wealth & usa jews mony .!

  2. I appreciate your feelings..but please use proper language..for comments..please dont use improper language for any one..

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