When will it stop?

December 10th was another miserable day for people of Karachi. There were transport strike in city in reaction of price hike of Petrolium. I realy dont understand why they always do this to us..the only objective of these type of strikes is to raise bus fares.Why dont they just change the bus fares, why they just trying to make us fool.Only common people suffer from this type of strikes.

Last day in morning, I saw long ques of passengers on bus stop for waiting, traveling on roof of mini buses..these type of days are happiest days for rickshaw and taxi drivers. they can charge eaily what they want. they just there to take advantage of situation. At the end common people suffer. I just wana say..Please if you wana raise bus fares then just do it but dont pretend to be well wishers of public..you just add more trouble to daily life of public..I just wonder when will all this stop? I hope sooner or maybe never  GOD KNOWS…


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