Down to memory lane….

Last Night I enjoyed alot with group of my old friends..It was such a wonderfull night. They are my friends when I was studying in PACC, Ishtiaq (one guy from the group) recently on visit to Pakistan for eid vacations from USA after 2 and half years. So, we just decide to spend some time with he will leave for US sooner..

We spend 3 hours together, remembering old days, chit chat, fun, dicuss future plans and dine out.. We realy enjoyed alot. due to busy life here in Karachi, we all friends dont get much time to spend together, so Ishti’s visit become a blessing for all of us.. Any way 10th December become a memorable day for all of us..I hope we will have a some time together before Ishti departure…sooner…I hope so…


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