Maseha ya Qatil ?

I realy feel sad and annoyed when I read a news in papers that in a local hospital of Lahore, a little innocent 3year old girl died due to criminal negligence of doctors. In short words they murdered her. What a shame for all those guys who belongs to this noble profession. These type of doctors should be executed as 3rd degree murderers. The whole staff of that hospital and specialy mangament of that hospital should be hanged, so that will become a example for others so called doctors in reality they are butchers.


2 Replies to “Maseha ya Qatil ?”

  1. it is strongly suggested that these doctors together with their additional foreign qualifications are reported to the American Board for malpractice, their licence is revoked and they are held accountable for their actions-they really need to be prosecuted. If their qualifications are from the UK then the General Medical Council UK needs to be urgently contacted to alert them of these doctors so that their fitness to practice is under review. Further to this, the Home Office both in the UK and US need to be alerted on these doctors. The Government inquiry has revealed the following shocking news that has led to the demise of this little girl:
    . There is no doubt as to massive criminal negligence/handling in the above case due to the following reasons:

    a) The use of Intra Venus Dormicum 2.5 milligram was not required at all for such small burn.

    b) Injection Pavulon is used for induction of Anaesthesia for those patients who are to be put on Ventilators during operations; it was criminal to use it in case of a 3 years kid suffering from simple burn. In fact this drug is used for relaxation of respiratory muscles; hence administration of this drug was not at all justified.

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