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I wish we had 1 like him..

A great statment by great Muslim Leader..I wish we pakistani had a single true leader like him..


Who says we are poor nation?

After reading this news, I just realized that we still have so much money to waste. on the 1 hand we facing economical crisis, job crisis, people attemting suicides and on the other hand we celebrating BASANT.. GOD help us..

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Silent Killing

The Shia community in Pakistan has been targeted for so long time. specialy in northern areas, speicaly parachanar, hungu and upper punjab. no one in Govt. ever bother about it. shamefull thing is media deliberately ignoring it. no coverage for those poor people who have been suffering of terrorisam of so called jiahadi organizations and Taliban. now shia communtiy feeling un secure in this country. for now terrorists targeted shia people silently.

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Who responsible?

I real feel anger when I think about security policy of our govt for Sri Lankan team, there are lot of needless seurity checks and guards for our useless ministers and politicians, but our stupid govt has no sense to protect their valuable guests..