Do we realy love Pakistan?

We Pakistanis as a nation behaving in these days in avery diversify manner. on the one hand we talkin about patriotisam, ask govt., tv channels and fm stations to ban indian movies, indian songs and indian soaps.. on the other hand we enjoy indian music at our homes, parties, at homes our ladies love to watch indian soap dramas at cinemas there are huge crwod for indian movies. why we act like this? Why we always look to other persons to solve our problems or take care of us? why cant we do by our selves? Cant we bycott indian movies, songs, dramas and indian products by ourselves as to show love to our country and our religon? They kickin out our actors and singers from their country but our producers still want make movies and dramas with them. our actors and singers dying to work there. Do we real love our country?


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