Black day of Pakistan History

Today is 16th December, Fall of Dhaka and very sad day of our history. We lost our piece of land just becuase of stupidaty and useless ego of our govt and milatary. I realy feel sorry for those pakistani who live there now in Bangladesh in very poor condition like a 3rd rate citizens. sad thing is that Bangladesh govt treat them traitors because they still love Pakistan and call their selves Pakistani. but we also not recognize them.. I think now they must start thinkin now that they were fools to support Pakistan on 1971. now days we facing same circumtances in Balochistan, and sorry to say.. We didnt learn any lesson from our mistakes.. GOD help us.


One Reply to “Black day of Pakistan History”

  1. Very right dude, I just have a single question to our Government, if millions

    of Afghanis (who are very much responsible of bringing drugs culture here

    in Pakistan) has been accepted by our damn goverment, what the hell

    does restrict them to accept those who have nothing with them except

    love, loyalty and devotion for Pakistan.

    In the end I would like to say “Living in the favourable & Unfavourable

    situation is ‘Part’ of living But Smiling in all those situations is ‘Art’ of living

    Always be optimistic because problems are common for all of us

    its ‘Attitude that makes difference!

    Pakistan Paindabad!!!

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