Farewell Kiss for President Bush

I think it is a very little act of hate for this evil preson..there are much hate and anger against him. BUt I am so happy. but its sad that that brave guy missed his target..beter luck next time.. next time guy should use more heavy thing than a shoe.


One Reply to “Farewell Kiss for President Bush”

  1. That President of America knows the size of the shoe also that was not even hit. It shows his fatty experience of having shoes like this, as this is the thing on the record don’t know how many he gets in his own country or house that are off the record. Really amazed how he knows the size. Nevertheless but shahid bhai one should use the much bigger size of shoes rather than heavy thing so that the bigger shoes cover his whole of the face.

    Hurry people this scheme of hitting shoes to Bush is a limited time offer that is upto January 25 2009.

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