Govt. of Pakistan, Geo tv and recent Mumbai Attacks

I realy dont understand, why our govt act like cowards? they threat us..they blaming us wrong, they violate our air space..but we still humble..still arresting our people.accepting our sins which are never done by us.. GOD give sense to our leaders.. they voilate our air space..our information minister said no they did it by mistake..  now they total deny this..

and our so called independant tv channel.. geo before they telecast report that Ajmal Qasab is Pakistani.. I dont know who paid them..or who finance them to run this bull shit.. I must say they are not geo tv they are JEW tv..they are not in favor of Pakistan but they helping India to force war on Pakistan.. GOD knows what will happen to this country..


5 Replies to “Govt. of Pakistan, Geo tv and recent Mumbai Attacks”

  1. Yes, my friend you are right. Our media is not treating us but threatening us by this kind of issues. We as Pakistani nation shoud think about it. Any kind of problems in foreign contry or in our own country wether related to Blast or violance or any other issue is directly fired to pakistani or muslims. I think they have no other choice.

  2. yeah its abt choice n on d other hnd it is an easiest 4 dm 2 satisfy der people as “muslims r every responsible 4 every violence n terror as dy r born terrorist”

  3. n if v talk abt GEO dn i also sense tht dy r nt behavng as a proper channel seems 2 b paid under ds govt….as ds govt is nt a believer of democracy n ds could chek out thru history dy never promote d democracy n freedom of media…….if v want 2 c democracy dn it can only b seen in Musharraf’s presidency where media ws allowed 2 show every thng and he is d person most abused by d media……
    n 1 thng more in d latest voilence of Pakhtoonz dy didnt show any report any update of the city violence n i ws literally amazed by tht… such a critical situation dy ver sitting so calmly no report no discussion nthng…..

  4. Yeah u r right. Our Pakistani govt. is also involved in this. Condition is getting worst day by day. We as nation are also facing such kind of hazardous situation in which we are stuck to think of its resolution.
    as it is sometimes said that “Dard jab had se barh jata hai to mit jata hai”.
    I think we can better understand what else can be happen.
    Allah save pakistan.

  5. yeahhh………
    ds is d reason v dnt care abt nythng, v r just indulge in our lyf, literally ders no effect of ny violence un us……v r really transfrming into reckless people…

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